African dance classes ONLINE

** Dates**
Thursday 19:00 - 20:00 (Irish time)
12, 19, 26 November
3, 10, 17 December

6 classes - €30 (€5 x class)
single class- €7
Please contact me for payment details
You will receive the link 30 minutes before the class starts

**Space preparation**
1. Create a space where you can stretch your arms and legs.
2. Place your laptop towards your body so I can see your movement throughout the class.
3. If you have a TV that you can connect your laptop to, do so as you will then watch the class on a bigger screen.
4. If you have headphones or speakers that will allow you to hear the music better, use them.

** What are the classes about?**
The classes start with a warmup and stretching, continue by showing the steps that will create a choreography and they finish with a cooling down. The class is accompanied by pre-recorded music.

**What to wear?**
Comfortable clothing in which you can workout a sweat. African dance is danced bare feet but you are welcome to wear socks, dance shoes or runners if you prefer.

**What are the movements like?**
In West Africa, this dance is danced by everyone making it possible for anyone, with or without dance experience, to join this dance. The movements can be danced as gentle as you need or as wide and deep as you feel. All levels are welcome.